Closing the door on the past

The way we feel about ourselves is simply an accumulation of the past. When you say, “I’m a good person”, “I’m a bad person”, “I’m a disgrace” or whatever, these are simply certain formations of the mind, which have been formed by your past. If the past is taken away, most people would just be lost. For most people, everything is dependent on the past, for it is how personality is shaped. So long as the personality is important, the past will continue to reign supreme. The present moment is no longer important.

The moment that we begin to live in our past is the very moment that we should leave it behind us. To leave the past behind and drop whatever has been haunting you doesn’t come easy. It takes a lot of effort, time, patience, as well as self-respect to keep pushing forward. Whether you hurt someone, made the wrong decision, or you were on the receiving end of something nasty, convincing your mind to focus on other things is a lot easier said than done. However, leaving the past in the past is undeniably one of the best choices that you could ever make.

One can go very far in life when the past is left behind. It draws comparisons to the snake shedding its skin. At one point in time it is a part of the body, and the next moment it is shed, and the snake moves on without looking back. Only if we move from moment to moment like the snake leaving the skin behind, there will be growth.

“Only that person who does not carry the previous moment to this moment, is free from everything” Sadhguru JV

We’ve all heard the saying that when one door closes, another one will open. It makes a whole lot of sense when it comes to dealing with the past, as dropping what’s already done will open up a better present and future with a whole world of opportunities. But the simple fact is that the door won’t close itself. We have to be the ones to close the door on our past if we want the chance of opening another. The very moment you shut the door on your past is the exact moment life gives you another chance.

Take it and be better.


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