Trump as President – Why you need to get over it

They never gave him a chance but now we have it: President Donald Trump.

The polls were so far off, and the media was arrogant enough to rule out the Republican candidate months ago. The result of the US Presidential Election has struck a mighty blow to the country’s top political commentators and pundits, with the majority predicting a win for Hillary Clinton.

The result shows not only a growing discontent in American civil society but also a desire for change. It also shows just how out of touch the media is in terms of the thinking and sentiments of the American people.

Unless someone takes it upon himself to gun him down, the world will witness Trump take over office on the 20th of January next year. A new era will begin, and we all have to be prepared for it.

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like the way Trump conducts himself as a leader, nor do I share a lot of his views, but unlike so many, I don’t see this as a doomsday scenario, nor do I expect him to start World War 3.

There has clearly been a growing discontent in American civil society. People want change. Democracy has spoken whether you like it or not. If the United States is the “greatest democracy in the world”, it needs to prove it right now and realise that a nation is larger than one person, no matter how obnoxious he may be.

The world must live with it and get used to the words ‘President Trump.’Many have already packed up and headed for the hills, whilst others have started the paperwork for becoming Canadian. Many more are going to continue to cry but as President Obama said, “tomorrow the sun will still shine.”

This election has shown the people’s cry for American Exceptionalism, and whether you like him or not, Trump brings that to the table. He demands high performance and he is committed to education. Trumps ability to sell really well will be a necessary skill with a rigid Congress and a sour public to deal with. Negotiating on the international level as well as with big businesses is somewhere Trump will thrive. He himself has taken some financial floggings in the past and has come out smelling like a rose.

This vote comes down to the reckoning that for too long, American politicians have sold out the people to foreign nations and global industry. Trump has represented the heartbreak, anger and frustration at a government gone mad. The Left seemingly underestimated this movement, clearly too absorbed in portraying Trump as the devil incarnate.

One thing I’ve noticed in the case of Trump vs Hillary, is the mob mentality of Trump bashers. I get it, he’s crude, rude, and a pervert, but it has almost become a sort of condition for social acceptance that you must bash Trump in order to be recognised as a fellow human being. People with absolutely no idea about politics have become avid anti-Trump protestors, conforming to societal pressures.

Call me crazy, but in a way, I admire Trump supporters. They typify what a democracy is all about. I was in America some months ago and I felt the venom in the air whenever Trump’s name was raised. The guts to walk around with a Make America Great Again baseball cap or car bumper sticker is something to commend. Considering these angry outbursts, I’m surprised Trump supporters haven’t been ambushed in this mob mentality wave of Trump bashing. People call Trump supporters crazy, but the way in which many anti-Trump protestors have acted lately makes me think twice.

It is entirely true that Donald Trump is rude, immature and unprofessional at times. But he brings something to the Presidential table no other candidate had before – he is not afraid to speak his mind.

In an age where political correctness has intensified and our tolerance levels have plummeted, the rise of Trump will be a test for this modern world.

So what if his language is insulting and unprofessional? So what if he doesn’t have a noble bone is his body?

How can a true changemaker be straightjacketed by political correctness if he or she must express the views and wills of the people?

Obama won because the conservatives stayed home. He has been a likeable leader and I’ve always admired the way in which he has conducted himself. He had a lot of promise, but he let so many down. What more did Clinton have? Hence why so many conservatives have made their vote count this time around.

Perhaps this decision is not so much about Trump’s strengths as a leader but more about the crippled nature of American society in 2016. And you can’t really blame him for that.

Right here, right now, I’m on the fence with Trump. But you know that’s probably enough to get a whopping punishment on social media from an overnight political expert who doesn’t know shit from Shinola. All I’m saying is that I’m prepared to wait this one out to give my judgement. Inauguration Day for the new President is January 20th, and whilst most of you will be in mourning, I’ll be excited at the fact that we are witnessing a period of change.



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