Intolerant when it matters

The Modi government just did what every Indian (besides the pro Pakistanis and peace lobbyists) has so desperately been waiting for. After 30 years of complete restraint, India has hit its neighbour where it hurts, conducting a surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, destroying 7 terror launchpads, a truck load of terrorists and some Pakistan army personnel (figures are not yet official).

For years now, Pakistan has been like a jealous brother to India, constantly trying to undermine its superior and gain the approval from the international community. State sponsored terrorism has been exported into India for the good part of 30 years now, with thousands of innocent civilians being victims to this proxy style war.

India’s retaliatory strikes just after midnight on September 28th marks a watershed moment in the relations between the two neighbours. For the first time, India has responded in the only language Pakistan can understand.

It has been refreshing as an onlooker to see that there has been unprecedented support for the NDA government from all corners of society and opposition political parties for the well planned and implemented strike. Of course there was always going to be those within politics and the media that would use the Uri attacks for political mileage, but on the whole, the unity and support behind the government and the Indian Army has been a welcome change from a nation overwhelmed with divisions and segregation.

Past terror attacks on Indian soil have resulted in similar outrage, but never consensus as to the retaliation. Politicians would condemn Pakistan and suspend all bilateral initiatives, former army generals would call for a full-fledged war, and Arnab’s television debates would be getting astronomical ratings. After a few weeks of hype, things would simmer down, and it would be business as usual for a government too worried about potentially jeopardising its vote bank to make a tough call.

Those days seem to be long gone, with the Modi government delivering on its word by not letting the perpetrators go unpunished.

I guess India does have an intolerant bone in its body after all.


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